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NEW TOY DESIGN - Pre Order Available Now

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

DRACO - The Lava Dragon

In the ancient annals of fantasy realms, the lava dragon emerges as a creature of both awe and terror, an embodiment of the elemental forces that shape the world. Born from the molten heart of volcanoes, these magnificent beings are said to be the guardians of hidden treasures, their scales gleaming like molten rock and eyes glowing with an inner fire. Legend has it that the lava dragon's breath can melt even the hardest steel, and its wings create storms as it soars across the skies. Feared by many and revered by those who understand their raw power, lava dragons are often depicted as wise and ancient beings, possessing knowledge of arcane secrets and the eons-long history of the lands they inhabit.

Some say that to encounter a lava dragon is to witness the very essence of raw, untamed magic and the primal forces of the world.

Presenting Kinky Kreatures Fantasy Silicone

DRACO - The Lava Dragon

DRACO features a detailed design with many extruded features to provide a fully filled and intense feeling no matter how deep you take them. It's dragon scaled balls are sure to touch and grind in all the right places, stimulating your nether regions like no dragon before.

The design of this fantasy silicone toy was assisted by the use of anatomy accurate human 3D models. This allows us to reference exact positioning of features and perfect sizing options. All DRACO sizes will come with a suction cup base.

This new design is now available for pre-order and will start delivery around January 2-5 2024.

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