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Using Body safe silicone and silicone colour pigments to create adult toys offers several benefits. But not all manufacturers use certified body safe silicone and or pigments to create their toys. The common reason for this is the added cost body safe certified products add and some manufacturers will use lesser silicone without certification to cut corners. Here at Kinky Kreatures we cut no corners and is proud to offer our kreatures as 100% body Safe Certified. 

Firstly, body safe silicone is specifically designed to be safe for use on skin, making it a suitable material for adult toys that come into contact with sensitive areas of the body. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and does not contain harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, that can cause health issues. 

Ways to tell if my toys are body safe:

If an adult toy has an extremely strong or unpleasant odour, it could be an indication that the product contains harmful chemicals or additives. In general, high-quality silicone and rubber adult toys should have a mild or neutral odour, as they are formulated to be safe for body contact and do not contain harmful chemicals or off-gassing agents. Our Kreatures have no perceivable smell or taste. 

Cheaply manufactured toys often sold on Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, and sometimes Etsy quite often don't even come close to being body safe certified. Lots of these toys are mass manufactured without any body safer certification or lab verified testing.

If you have concerns about an adult toy product visit the manufacturer's website and check their body safe policy. Any reputable adult toy manufacturer will provide this information. 

Are all Platinum Silicones the same?

Not all platinum silicones are certified skin safe, as the safety of the silicone depends on its specific composition and intended use. However, platinum-cured silicone is generally considered to be a safe option for skin contact products, such as adult toys, compared to other types of silicone.

Platinum-cured silicone is made using a catalyst that produces fewer by-products during the curing process, resulting in a cleaner and more biocompatible material. This makes it less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions compared to other types of silicone.

However, it is important to note that not all platinum-cured silicones are created equal, and some formulations may still contain harmful additives or chemicals that could cause skin reactions or other health issues. It is always best to use platinum silicone products that are lab tested and certified as body safe by reputable manufacturers such as Smooth-On. Smooth-On has undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safe for skin contact. 

Are all Colour Pigments Skin Safe?

No, not all silicone colour pigments are skin safe. Some pigments may contain additives or chemicals that could cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, or other health issues when used in skin contact products such as adult toys.

It's essential to ensure that any silicone colour pigment being used for adult toy manufacturing is certified as skin safe by the manufacturer and that it has been tested for skin compatibility. Reputable manufacturers of silicone pigments, such as Smooth-On offer skin-safe silicone pigments that are designed specifically for use in adult toys and other skin contact products.​ ​

It is important to note that a broad range of colour pigments and powder colours for molding are not Certified Skin Safe. Therefore, it is essential and ethically responsible to use silicone colour pigments that are certified as skin safe, such as those offered by reputable manufacturers like Smooth-On.

What Silicone and Colour Pigments does Kinky Kreatures use?

Here at Kinky Kreatures all of our adult toys are moulded using 100% Smooth-On Skin Safe FDA Certified Platinum Silicone. We colour our kreatures using Makeup Grade Skin Safe Mica Powders, Smooth-On Silc Pig Pigments and extra fine glitter particles. 

Links to Certification Documentation:

Dragon Skin Silicone Certification Document

EcoFlex Silicone Certification Document

Silc Pig Colour Pigments Certification Document

In summary, using body safe silicone and silicone colour pigments that are certified body safe can ensure peace of mind, safety, and quality for our customers while still allowing for creative colorful design options. 

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