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Katerpillar our first creature grinder! Adult Toy


Grinders are the ultimate adult toys for those seeking intense pleasure and an unforgettable experience. These versatile devices are designed to provide powerful sensations and stimulation, with a variety of features that allow for customisation and personalisation. Whether you're looking for a ride-on grinder, a handheld device, or a toy with special attachments, grinders are the perfect way to explore your desires and unlock new levels of pleasure. With features like suction cup bases, vibration settings, and knob tips for internal stimulation, grinders offer an array of sensations to suit your mood and preferences. So why settle for less when you can experience the thrill and excitement of a grinder today?

Our latest product at Kinky Kreatures is, Katerpillar, is designed as a ride-on grinder for a unique and exciting experience. It features a double suction cup base, providing a secure grip on any flat surface. Additionally, Katerpillar comes with a hole for insertion of vibrator pills, enabling a customisable vibration experience. It's scale-back design creates a sensual grinding sensation, while the knob tip allows for gentle internal stimulation. The knob will come in 3 sizes from small to large depending on the grind your looking for.

Katerpillar Size:

Length - 30.0cm

Width - 14.3cm

Hight - 11.0cm

Small Knob - 2.2cm x 4.0cm

Medium Knob - 3.5cm x 5.5cm

Large Knob - 4.3cm x 7.5cm

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